Why did you go to PUA for student exchange?

The chance to visit Africa, and more specific an Arab country with so much history as Egypt has, made the decision very easy. PUA offered the necessities and quality needed for my bachelor thesis to be conducted.

How long was the exchange period?

The exchange lasted 8 weeks in total.

How have you been chosen for the exchange?

Prof. Andrew Martin from KTH scouted for students to participate in a collaboration with PUA and KTH, me and my colleagues applied and were accepted.

What do you think are the differences between studying at PUA and KTH?

The difference is a more direct contact or line of communication in PUA compared to KTH. The relationships between pupils and professors are more personal than in KTH. Moreover, the learning is more of a practical character in PUA than in KTH, where the approach is often more theoretical and is conducted to bring discussion.

Did PUA staff, professors, researcher and others that you met been helpful and easy to communicate, discuss and cooperate

They have been excellent in supporting all causes, the communication line is very clear and everyone, including students, are very generous and show great hospitality. Our Egyptian colleagues, whom we collaborate with, have excellent knowledge in their field and are easy to discuss with.

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Why did you go to (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) for staff exchange?

The main objectives of this mobility are:
- Explore the master program in Electrical Engineering in KTH.
- Investigate the availability of joint undergraduate projects submission.
- Acquire new teaching and learning skills from KTH.
- Reinforcement the cooperation between KTH and PUA.

How long was the exchange period?

A month.

How have you been chosen to this visit?

Through a presentation in front of the vice president and the international relations coordinator of PUA University. The presentation includes my goals to this grant of the Erasmus+ staff mobility program and this is done after the submission of the motivation letter and my CV to them.

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