Internship (Field Training) Report 2022-2023

Prepared by Field training committee

Field Training Report

First: Field Training Committee Members

Position Name
Field training committee president Dr. Mohamed Hammad
Field training committee vice president Dr. Noha Badr
Field training committee member Assistant lecturer/ M. Nagy
Field training committee member Assistant Lecturer/ Mayssa Elmofty
Field training committee member Teaching Assistant/ Abdelrahman Abu Bakr
Field training committee member Teaching Assistant/ Farida Khaled

Second: Field training objectives

1. Preparing students for the labor market (preparing trained and qualified students to work in various sectors, each in their field of specialization, and developing their skills and abilities)
2. They allow the students to work in a natural environment in which they are expected to work after graduation. Through this training, the student learns about the opportunities available to him/her and becomes familiar with the problems and difficulties surrounding work.
3. Identifying the needs of the Egyptian market needs, meeting its requirements, and providing the opportunity to exchange experiences.
4. Opening channels of cooperation between training units and training bodies.
5. Providing the student with the opportunity to learn about different working environments.
6. Providing the opportunity to choose an appropriate workplace for the qualification of each student.
7. Connecting the learning outcomes of the faculty of financial and administrative sciences to the requirements of the labor market during the training period helps enhance the existence of job opportunities for graduates (creating job opportunities for trainees by developing their skills and abilities) and assisting graduates trainees in searching for jobs for themselves through communication with companies and institutions.
8. We are allowing the trainee to gain practical experience and training before graduation.
9. Enabling private and public institutions to recognize the trainees’ skills and attract them will guarantee job opportunities for graduates.

Third: field training qualifying Week

The qualifying week was held in the period between 9 and 11 July 2023 according to the following schedule:

Approximately 70 students attended. The lecturers directed the students toward taking advantage of the field training opportunity. They also gave them exceptional advice on benefiting from the field training and acquiring new skills.

Fourth: Training accomplishments during summer 2022-2023

Students were distributed among the available training opportunities according to the following:


According to the collaboration between Ethydco and Pharos University in Alexandria, the College of Financial and Administrative Sciences nominated the following seven students according to their cumulative GPA to be trained in Ethycdo; the training lasted for one week from 22nd to July 27, 2023.

1 202000567 ahmed Hani Hanafy Mahmoud Khatab
2 202000850 Iriny Osama Zaka Safir Makar
3 202001323 Nadine Tamer Mohamed Abd Elsamea Mohamed
4 202001771 Mouhab Mohamed Ezzat Hamad
5 202002461 Mohamed Ali Mohamed Ghonimy Elmaddah
6 202003183 George Emad William Salib
7 202003649 Youssef Nasser Zakaria Ahmed Soliman

VI Markets

Based on the signed protocol between VI Markets and Pharos University, the following ten students were selected by Mr. Ahmed Moaty, VI Markets CEO, during the session that he delivered

the qualifying week. These students were provided the training opportunity at the company for two weeks, where the students were distributed among two groups; the first group started the training on Saturday, July 15, while the second group started on Saturday, September 9, 2023.


1 202001557 Salma Amr Mohamed Mohy Eldin Mansor Sakr
2 202002046 Ayat Sameh Ramadan Elsayed Ahmed
3 202002442 Farida Samir Mohamed Abd Elbaky Ahmed
4 202002783 Sarah Ahmed Ezzat Azab Sherif
5 202003518 Hossam Eldin Elmaslmy Yousef Farid Shahidy
6 202003893 Marwan Gomaa Fouad Abd Elhalim
7 202004382 Youssef Yasser Abdelqawy Salem Yousif
8 202004396 Marwan Medhat Elsayed Hussien Elafendy
9 202004523 Abdelrahman Mohamed Elsaid Ibrahim

Egyptian Petrochemicals

Based on the cooperation between Pharos University in Alexandria and the Egyptian Petrochemical Company, the company provided training opportunities for approximately 40 students. Training lasted for two weeks, and students were distributed among two different batches according to students’ preferences.

In addition to the previously mentioned training opportunities, the field Training Committee at the Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences and the Field Training Center at Pharos University in Alexandria have provided appropriate support to students trained in external entities such as QNB Bank and Egyptian National Bank: Gasco, Prometon and many other organizations.

Fifth: Trainees’ evaluation

Training evaluation sessions were held to evaluate students submitted presentations in the presence of Prof. Dr. Tarek Taha, Faculty Dean, Dr. Mohamed Hammad, President field training committee, Dr. Noha Badr, and Assistant Lecturer Mayssa Elmofty in the presence of Mr. Ahmed Moaty, CEO of VI Markets, where the students presented their reports, focusing on the benefit aspect of field training.