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Administration Quality Department

Quality Policy :

The quality policy has been developed to suit the purpose and context of the university and supports strategic directions

Pharos University is the first private university in Alexandria. It was established with seven colleges by

a Presidential Decree No. 252 on 15 July 2006.

On August 31st, 2009, the presidential decree No. 302 was issued for four additional colleges .

Pharos University is a member of the Union of Euro-Mediterranean Universities ( EMUNI),

the Association of Arab Universities and the Francophone International Organization.

On the academic level, Pharos University aspires to form effective partnerships with international academic institutions in order to equip its graduates with an outstanding level of knowledge and skills.

This cooperation aims at raising the educational standard at Pharos University to an international level, thus providing PUA students with exceptional educational services and advanced vocational qualifications.

These international partnerships in turn would contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and create an academic and technologically- advanced milieu that could promote distinction, innovation and creativity. Thus, the PUA graduates would acquire the necessary skills to compete in the local and international labor market. These forms of cooperation will open up opportunities of joint educational programs and researches, encourage the exchange of students, faculty members and researchers and provide MA and PhD scholarships for the top PUA graduates and academic staff members. In addition, conferences and seminars are to be held between Pharos University and the other academic institutions.

On the administrative level, Pharos University selects its prospective employees in accordance with the highest professional proficiency standards so as to be able to carry out the required administrative tasks that could enhance the international academic level the university aspires to achieve. The PUA administration works on improving the professional performance of the staff through providing them with training programs in pursuit of applying all the modern administrative systems.

– The PUA administration is keen to implement the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 in accordance with the field of each department.

– The PUA administration is committed to comply with the University Regulations Law (issued by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities) and all bylaws governing its work.

– The PUA administration always strives for development and improvement.

– The Quality Assurance department in Pharos University is going to publish this policy and send it to all departments so as to put it into force.

– The policy will be reviewed periodically for any updates in order to keep pace with the development plan of the University.