Mission of English Language Program:


The English Language Program at Faculty of Languages and Translation is committed to providing an educational, academic and technological environment to qualify students to work in various fields of translation. The program will be able to keep abreast of the needs of the national and international labor market as well as the requirements of the times by enabling students to master English language and another foreign language of their choice. It is also committed to the continuous updating of curricula and community partnership at home and abroad. Furthermore, the program is committed to its responsibility to consolidate ethical values in teaching, learning, scientific research, sustainable development, and community service.

  • The Strategic Objectives of the Faculty of Languages and Translation – Pharos University

    • First Aim:

      The faculty of Languages and Translation in Pharos University, as one of the outstanding academic institutes in the field of linguistics and translation.
      The strategic objectives to achieve the first Aim:

      1. Qualifying the faculty to be accredited by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education.
      2. Improving the educational and technological environment in the faculty.
      3. Providing students with high quality educational and training services that would increase their competitive capabilities in the labor market.
      4. Increasing the level of communication with the institutes of the labor market.
      5. Enhancing the effectiveness of the curricula and programs, and assuring that they match the needed professional and academic criteria, and the expectations of whom it may concern.
      6. Continuous improvement of the quality of the educational process.
      7. Improving the social and hygienic environment of the faculty.
    • Second Aim:

      Providing an academic environment, that matches the philosophy and the principles of quality, and excellence in performance backed up with sound social and ethical values and principles, in an environment of justice, democracy and equality.
      The strategic objectives to achieve the second Aim:

      1. Promotion of public spirit, excellence in performance, and accepting different views among students, the committee of professors, the committee of assistants, and employees.
      2. Providing a secure environment for the students.
      3. Focusing on spreading the professional principles and ethics.
    • Third Aim:

      Increasing the capability of the Faculty of Languages and Translation to contribute in serving the society and environment.
      The strategic objectives to achieve the third Aim:

      1. Activating the role of the Environment Committee in the faculty.
      2. Allowing the society to participate in the improvement of the educational process.
    • Fourth Aim:

      Improving, supporting, and investing in Scientific Research in order to direct the research works towards empowering the public services.
      The strategic objectives to achieve the fourth Aim:

      1. Establishing a system for publishing those research works.
      2. Applying modern means in the field of Scientific Research.
      3. Increasing the number of cooperation agreements with foreign universities.


      National Academic Reference Standards

      Nars English