ELC Global Music is a collaborative project between Pharos University and East Carolina University. The project aims at bridging the gap between the two cultures through creating a relaxing learning atmosphere in which students can share their musical interests and try to understand both similarities and eccentricities in the music industry in each country. PUA students get to ask other students from EC U questions and in turn answer questions about themselves and express their views and opinions.

The ElC Global Music project aims at:

  • providing an opportunity for students to share their point of view
  • providing students with a rare opportunity to communicate with native speakers
  • giving music enthusiasts a chance to share their taste of music with fellow students from East Carolina
  • practicing their speaking and conversational skills
  • enhancing students’ analytical and critical skills

For more info-contact Mr. Ahmed via ahmed.fatthi@pua.edu.eg or come in person to room D141