First: Definition of field training at the Faculty of Mass Communication:

Field training programs:

A- Radio and television production

B- Public relations and marketing communications

c- Press and digital publishing

Second: Duration: One month during the summer semester of each academic year for third-year students who have passed at least 40% of the study plan.

Third: The unit responsible for the program: The field training unit at the Faculty of Mass Communication, which is composed of:

Dr. Noha Al-Asdoudi, lecturer in the Department of Public Relations and director of the field training unit at the college

In addition to all faculty members and supporting staff members at the college.

Fourth: Definition of the program: Providing the student with the opportunity to apply the information, ideas, and theoretical concepts he has learned, in a practical application, and training students on the professional aspects of various media jobs by professionals in a way that raises their efficiency and competitiveness among graduates and enabling the student to practice multiple communication and media jobs inside and outside the institution.


Fifth: Objectives of field training:

  • Practical qualification within the framework of a scientific training program in one of the institutions related to the student’s specialty under the supervision of the college, in cooperation with media and communication institutions.
  • Applying media work mechanisms and following up on the latest cognitive and technological developments in the field of media.
  • Applying the rules for drafting various media texts, presenting programs, and publishing topics at the level of audio, visual, and print media.
  • Applying research and analysis methods and mechanisms in various media fields.
  • Applying procedures and rules for dealing with agencies related to the media field to interact with media work and with workers in media institutions.
  • Giving the student an opportunity to gain practical experience in various fields for any job before graduation, become familiar with the obstacles and difficulties in workplaces, and know how to confront them.
  • Providing the student with the opportunity to learn about different employers, to choose the employer that is appropriate for him, and introducing training providers to college students, which achieves a better chance of making a choice when hiring.
  • Opening communication channels between the labor market and students on the one hand, and between the labor market, faculty members, and the college on the other hand.

Sixth: Institutions with which cooperation protocols were concluded for field training:

1- Media Production City.

2- Semi Media Foundation.

3- The General Information Service.


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