Faculty of Financial Dean Welcome :

Congratulations on choosing the Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences (FFAS) at Pharos University, Alexandria, for your study. FFAS is one of the few faculties that promise a prosperous career and help you occupy a bright position in the employment market as well as a distinguished stand in society.

At FFAS, we have prepared for you a set of specialized subjects that suits you and meets the job requirements in the areas of Accounting, Business Economics, Entrepreneurship, Investment and Finance, Management Information System, Marketing and International Business. These streams of specialization prepare and provide you with the right qualifications for working in the financial sector, such as banks, stock exchanges, insurance, and other financial and investment firms, as well as in the industrial and commercial sectors, in both national and multi-national companies.

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Prof Dr. Tarek Taha

PUA pharos university


  • The Faculty of Financial And Administrative Sciences includes the following Programs each with its specific specialization:

Why study at the Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences?

• It offers two degrees. One from PUA, accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Private Universities, and the other is an international accredited degree from TU Dublin.
• It provides a dual international degree which allows its graduates to compete in international labor market.
• It allows PUA students to spend a semester or more in Ireland during their BA study.
• It offers the students the chance to pursue their Master and PhD studies at TU Dublin in Ireland without a need for an equivalent certificate.

Admission Requirements

• Successful performance in a formal interview with a panel from TU Dublin.
• Paying the associated TU Dublin Royalty fees.

Professors of faculty of Business contribute in attending The following International conferences:

  1. Prof.Dr.Tarek Taha. Dean of the faculty,pharosuniversity- participated in “Saudi international conference on business economics and management 22-24 march, 2016 jeddah kingdom of sudiarabia”.The tittle of the paper “A new CRM multidimentional approach for enhancing marketing innovation capabilities.

  2. Prof.Dr.Tarek Taha. Dean of the faculty,pharosuniversity- participated in “The 2nd international conference of Business Development, Innovation & Challenges, The Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences, Pharos University, Egypt, 11 november 2015”.The tittle of paper “Perceived Quality of e-Gov Services: An Empirical Examination Using Structural Equation Modeling”.

  3. Prof.Dr.Tarek Taha. Dean of the faculty,pharosuniversity- participated In “International academy of management and Business (IAMB) Conference, 21-23,2015.The tittle of paper “Using electronic training in less developed countries from innovative perspective .

  4. Prof.Dr.Tarek Taha. Dean of the faculty,pharosuniversity- participated “In the 6th intrnational conference on management ,finance,and entrepreneurship 17-18,2015.the tittle of paper “determinants of using e-government services from citizens perspective in less developed countries

  5. Prof.Dr.Tarek Taha. Dean of the faculty,pharosuniversity- participated in the “31th International Business Research Conference, toronto, 27-29 July 2015.The tittle of paper “: an extended empirical based model for increasing citizens use of e-Gov. services in developing countries .

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