Campus Facilities in Pharos University (All facilities are non-smoking)

  •  Distinguished and air conditioned hall for holding conferences, lectures of post graduate studies, thesis discussions, seminars and workshops.
  •  Provided with the most technologically advanced audio-visual devices.
  •  Suitable for 100 persons.


  • Conference Hall

The university has established a grand and luxurious conference hall set apart for conferences and ceremonies with a capacity of 1000 guests.

Campus Facilities

  • Student Theater

The student theatre hall has been established to host different events and ceremonies and accommodates up to 500 guests.

Campus Facilities

  • Banking Services

A branch of the Commercial International Bank (CIB) is established on the university campus, in order to facilitate the payment of tuition fees and the completion of all banking transactions.

  • Copy Center

The university has established a copy center provided with all lecture notes for students from different faculties.

  • Food Court

The university’s Food Court provides various kinds of drinks and meals for students at acceptable prices.

  • Health Care

A student clinic provides first aid services as well as blood pressure and blood sugar level measurement, as well as transfer of intravenous fluids. The clinic also provides treatment with fever reducers and painkillers.


  • Lockers

Students can have their own lockers to store their personal belongings after registering and paying the specified fees.

  • Parking Lot

The university has a spacious parking lot located near the campus, with a capacity of 1000 vehicles.

  • Playgrounds

PUA gives special attention to sports activities and participates in the League of the Egyptian National Universities. PUA has extensive sport facilities including:

  1. One grass football field with official dimensions
  2. Two five-a-side football courts
  3. One handball court
  4. One basketball court
  5. One Volleyball court
  6. Four Tennis courts
  7. One Ping-Pong table

Pharos university accommodates students with special needs and facilitates their life on campus. The existing capability include:

  • Exams and computer magnification for visual impairme.
  • Special exam sessions with double duration for students with Down-cyndrom and autism.

Also PUA provides additional services and facilities where students with special needs are, in specific cases, allowed to reside in the university’s dorms (when available) for their entire study period at PUA.

Facilities for wheel-chair disabilities include:

  1. Ramp access to buildings.
  2. Wide door elevators.
  3. Flexible classroom designs.


Pharos University’s libraries are enriched with the latest books and scientific references covering various field of study. They also are supported with an advanced system of information technology. Besides, the university has a number of spacious study halls specially designed  to provide the suitable environment for the students to learn effectively.

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  • Electronic :

Pharos University has subscribed to a number of the world’s biggest electronic libraries, all of which are accessible only through the PUA network on the following websites:

The Egyptian Knowledge Bank