October 2023 WEBINAR

Creating Rubrics (workshop format)

Sunday 1st October, 2023 at 02:00 PM – Egypt Time (+3 GMT)

Presented by Dr. Colovic-Markovic

Many would agree that rubrics are essential assessment tools for ES/FL teachers as they are often asked to make judgment of their students’ performance on a specific task or product. When developed and used effectively, rubrics articulate clearly a pre-established set of assignment criteria, reduce grading time, increase objectivity and reduce subjectivity in grading, improve students’ abilities to include required elements of assignment, and convey timely feedback to students. While many teachers are aware of the aforementioned benefits, they may feel unsure about how to design and use these assessment tools in their own classrooms. Having briefly reviewed different forms of assessment and types of rubrics, this webinar will highlight the advantages of using analytic rubrics for classroom assessment and examine their components. Through hands-on experience in creating a rubric to evaluate the quality of world-famous Balah El Sham, attendees will receive guidance in and suggestions for analytic rubric design, use, and revision.

Flipped Classroom in Low Resourced Contexts

Thursday 5th October, 2023 at 11:00 AM – Egypt Time (+3 GMT)

Presented by Ovin Nyakango, M.Ed

Flipped Classroom approach is a new pedagogic approach that leverages educational technology to replace passive learning, commonly associated with lecture method of teaching, with active learning, where students are responsible for producing meaning and finding connections using the content supplied outside of the classroom. According to Mpho (2018), learners are enthusiastic about learning activities that allow them to interact with their peers and engage actively in the learning process. Further, studies have revealed the existence of a statistically significant positive correlation between active learning strategies and positive learning outcomes (Fayombo, 2012; Freeman et al., 2014). The presentation will start by explaining the concept of the flipped classroom approach and give the theoretical underpinning of the flipped classroom approach. Then, the presentation will share how to implement the flipped classroom approach in the teaching of English. The presentation will conclude by highlighting the findings on the benefits and challenges of implementing the flipped classroom approach from an action research study carried out in a public Secondary school in Kenya. Finally, the presentation will give recommendations from the study on the need for teachers to align pedagogical practices with the ubiquitous digital technology and learner centered methods of teaching. Further, teachers should be facilitators who assist students in constructing their own learning as opposed to teachers as the focal point of learning. Teachers should also hone their technological skills so that they are comfortable using ICT in the teaching and learning process.

Using Chat AI to Create Test Items

 Sunday 15th October, 2023 at 02:00 PM – Egypt Time (+3 GMT)

Presented by Dr. Vien Cao

Step into the future of English language teaching and explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can revolutionize your teaching practices. Whether you’re an experienced TESOL professional or just starting your journey, this session offers invaluable insights on the integration of AI into English language teaching, highlighting its benefits and applications in the classroom. However, as we embrace AI’s potential, it is crucial to address ethical considerations surrounding its implementation. The presentation will not only delve into ethical concerns but also offer recommendations on achieving a balance between technology and human interaction. The session goal is to ensure that AI remains a valuable tool in English language teaching, complementing the indispensable role of educators. Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired and discover the transformative possibilities that AI brings to the field of TESOL

Education For All ? Is that Really

Wednesday 25th October, 2023 at 11:00 AM – Egypt Time (+3 GMT)

Presented by Dr.Virginia Simmons

This is an introduction to what many are calling special education. The webinar will cover the why, who, how, what, when, and where of the services options. The webinar will discuss the evolution of inclusion and how it has benefitted all students, the educational systems, and the communities. The speaker began her career in this field in the late 60s and has lived through the changes needed to achieve today’s level of Inclusion. She works with teachers in many countries and is very understanding when they explain the stage of development of their country.