1. Study Program

As nature of study in Architectural Department needs special talents and skills, the Faculty has established a suitable curriculum and coding for the study in the department:
In order to complete the requirements for the B.Sc. degree in architecture, the students must pass successfully, a total of at least 180 credit hours, through the 5 Academic Years (10 Semesters). A summer training of 60 days over 3 years is a degree requirement in Architecture Department. Training has to be undertaken in companies or establishments approved by the faculty. Student’s performance is evaluated at the end of the training period by the company where training is undergone and by the department and the faculty coordination.


The total required credit hours are distributed as follows:


Faculty Requirements 37 Cr
Department Requirements 97 Cr
Humanity Subjects 8 Cr

Specialization Requirements

Architecture Engineering

30 Cr
Elective Courses 8 Cr


Sample study Plan


Calculating the Credit hours:

Due to the specific nature of Department of Architecture, there are only lectures and exercise and no lab hours. Whereas the lecture hours are calculated as follows:

1 Lecture hour = 1 Credit hour

And as for the exercise hours(including Studio hours) it is calculated as follows:

2 Exercise hours (i.e. Studio work) = 1 Credit hour

Architecture Courses :