Tourism Department

At Tourism Department, the Industry internship represents a key milestone in our student’s educational journey. We have four industry levels TM391/393/493/494 that the student undertakes after semester four. Each level is prepared and customized to equip the student with the necessary competencies and skills to tackle the job market successfully.

Our industry internships hold several advantages for our students as:
1-  Job experience.
2- Expanding students’ Professional Networks.
3- Building a strong resume.
4- Access to a variety of tasks and departments.
5- Help guide career goals.

Tourism Dept. Interns:

Hotel Management Department

An industry internship is a significant turning point in a student’s education in the hotel management programme. Our four industry training levels—HM391/HM393/HM493/HM494—prepare and tailor our students to be prepared with the competencies and abilities required to join the employment markets for the hospitality sector. Several factors make training essential for anyone working in the hospitality sector, including
1. Maintaining Competitiveness: Because the hospitality business is so cutthroat, it is crucial to train students adequately in order to keep one step ahead of the competitors in the labour market.
2. Enhance the student’s professional value: Education gives students a sense of worth, directs career ambitions, and helps them create a solid resume after graduation, which is one of the cornerstones and necessities of the job market.
3. Adherence: In the hotel industry,

Hotel Managament dept. Interns