School and public events in 2017

Date Year Venue Type Title Description of the event
17- 19 July 2017 Pharos University Public event Open day Students and their parents to explore opportunities at Pharos University, and meet with staff members in different faculties and demonstrate facilities.
8- 9 July 2017 Bibliotheca Alexandrina Public conference for Reach- out Sketch your future A special booth for Pharos University and its staff to meet students, parents and public community to present Pharos University activities and trends.
28 February 2017 Pharos University School event (295) Students Treasure hunt competition By holding this competition, Pharos University aims at orienting the high school students towards some fields of knowledge that are of particular interests to them. To achieve this aim, high school students attended the workshops that were held at Pharos University, depending on the students’ academic interests and inclinations. The workshops were concerned with three major fields: engineering, medical and administrative. The students of all the participating schools were divided into groups according to the topic being chosen. Afterwards, each group started a tour between the faculties to attend several workshops on the chosen topic. At the end of every workshop, each group resolved a riddle, answered a quiz or solved a puzzle, etc.