Training Center | Opening Speech

Since its establishment in Fall 2016, PUA’s Field Training Center (FTC) has been a graduation requirement for its student. It also became a key factor in achieving integration between PUA and the labor market; as PUA tirelessly seeks to provide its students with an adequate amount of hands-on experience. This experience shall then contribute in promoting their academic achievement, hence sharpening their skills and developing their experience, which ultimately increases the employability rate of PUA’s alumni.

Prof. Dr. Ramadan Abu Al Ela

Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs


PUA seeks to promote the academic and practical levels of its graduates by motivating students to join distinguished training opportunities. This helps students to develop their skills and knowledge, and enable its graduates to serve the community while achieving integration between educational, research and applied skills.

Seeking to provide an adequate amount of field experience for its students, PUA has paid great attention to the field training programs in coordination with the various work sectors under the supervision and follow-up of PUA. This is done according to a specific mechanism to ensure the achievement of the desired objectives. To ensure such achievement, the field training is compulsory as per the Faculties’ internal regulations.


Field training is one of the key factors in achieving fruitful integration between PUA and the labor market. That’s why PUA tirelessly seeks to provide its students with an adequate amount of hands-on experience that helps raise their qualification levels, and practicing what they studied in a real work environment. This ultimately sharpens and develops their skills and enables them to succeed in different job positions in the future. Furthermore, it introduces the students to different institutions, and enables them to choose the most suitable ones for various job positions after their graduation. Accordingly, this increase the employability rate of PUA’s alumni at the local, regional and international levels.

Training Objectives

  • Stressing the various concepts, knowledge, sciences and skills that have been studied in the courses for students.
  • Giving students the opportunity to gain practical experience in the various duties of any job before graduation.
  • Identifying the obstacles and difficulties in the workplace, and teaching how to respond to them.
  • Identifying the supplies and equipment in the work site and relating that to what have been taught in the faculty.
  • Giving students the opportunity to learn about practical problems and appropriate scientific solutions through research and reports.
  • Opening channels of communication between the labor market and PUA’s students on the one hand, and between the labor market and faculty members and PUA on the other hand, and what this achieves in terms of developing study plans in each major.