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Education Development Center (EDC)

The Education Development Center (EDC) at Pharos University in Alexandria is an academic center concerned with the continuing development of its staff members’ skills and understanding in key areas of teaching, learning, assessment and quality assurance. The EDC’s main goal is to promote and enhance students’ engagement in the learning process and to create an interactive learner-centered atmosphere that ensures the ongoing improvement of students’ performance and skills.


Dr. Gihan El Batouti
Education Development Center Executive Manager

Education Development Center (EDC)


The Center aspires to be a center of excellence in the application of educational innovations and continuous professional development.


The center mission is to facilitate continuous quality improvement of the educational process in a manner consistent with recognized accreditation standards.


  1. Creating a positive learning environment within the institution, in which teaching and learning methods can flourish;
  2. Helping and encouraging educators to shape and develop their teaching in response to the needs of their learners, their institution, and local and national priorities
  3. Meeting the needs of new instructors, trainers and tutors to engage them with confidence, into positive effective roles in education;
  4. Assisting in the design and implementation of courses curriculum and training programs;
  5. Assessing students’ satisfaction with the educational process and accordingly, the renewal of the faculty educational strategic plan.
  6. Designing educational activities that advance staff members professional knowledge and skills pertaining to a high quality educational environment.
  7. Coordinating the center activities with the activities of other university centers, units and departments to enhance the quality of educational process.