Computer Engineering Department

Computer engineering can be defined as the engineering that is concerned with the design of computer systems, to create new technologies and meet the ever-changing needs. This branch of engineering covers multiple fields such as communications, networking, robotics, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, intelligent systems, embedded systems, protection systems, design, and operating systems.

The Department of Computer Engineering at Pharos University aims to provide students with modern scientific and intellectual skills to prepare productive and professional engineers in the field of computer engineering, who are able to communicate and communicate effectively with others, and are capable of lifelong learning through engaging and participating in scientific research and continuing higher academic education. Further, they contribute actively to the service of society.



Why study computer engineering (computer)?

Computer engineering is a scientific and applied science that keeps pace with the overwhelming development of technology in all aspects of life. However, Computer engineering is no longer just a university major, but rather has become a competitive advantage for anyone who wants to develop and turn into an innovator in many fields in which computer engineering is involved.

Moreover, computer engineering major is one of the most popular disciplines that is increasing in demand every day in the world, as it brings great benefits to graduates of this major in the labor market, in terms of jobs available worldwide and high remunerations. Therefore, computer engineering is a real investment of time, effort, money and future.

The role of computer engineering in developing vital sectors

  • Thanks to computer engineering and technical applications, geography is no longer a constraint on sharing and accessing information
  • Computer engineering and its innovations made it possible for people to work remotely and ideas came from everywhere
  • Computers have made the world a small and connected place by developing the modern digital media world.
  • Thanks to the development of computer engineering disciplines and engineers, self-driving cars and high-speed transportations have been created
  • Computer engineering provided information systems for hospitals and doctors, which allowed for better treatment and made safer health care.
  • In computer engineering, every day there is something new: techniques, programs, discoveries, innovations and creativity. The field of computer engineering is advancing unceasingly, and the life of computer engineers progresses and develops.
  • Computer engineers are those who innovate in the digital and technical development industry through various computer programs that cover vital aspects of our lives.
  • Computer engineers are the ones who develop a theory, design, develop, and apply software and hardware to the software we use every day.
  • Computer engineers are the ones who make our lives easy with everyday innovation by providing solutions to problems that people haven’t thought of yet.

Fields of work in computer engineering after graduation
computer engineering is one of the sectors rich in job opportunities for computer engineers. In the forefront of the important jobs that a computer engineer can work in are:
• Programmer and designer of computer games.
• Website designing and development
• Design and development of mobile applications.
• Design of databases
• Design of control systems
• Designing electronic services and smart systems.
• Embedded Systems Design
• software engineer
• Computer operating systems.
• IT Project Manager.
• IT services support specialist.
• Information Systems Analyst.
• Information technology departments.
• Design and development of computer programs.
• Electronic printing (texts and graphics).
• Security and protection of computer networks and data.
• Work in the field of research and development.
• Specialized computer laboratories.
• Computer-controlled transportation systems.
• Telecommunication sector.
• Computer systems and digital circuits.
• computer networks.
• Medical devices and computerized medical systems.

Prospects of Computer Engineering

Over the coming years people’s dependence on computers and devices will witness a signifiant increase that computer engineers will have many things to do. Further, there will be so many items and devices on the Internet that they will outnumber the population of the Earth. It will also be a challenge for current and future computer engineers; can they cover it all, or will they need thousands of professional graduates to cover the needs of the coming years?. The answer is found in your right decision to be a computer engineer. All horizons are open to you, everything will be digitized and everything in our lives will need the intervention of computer engineers.