Physical ResourcesPhysical Resources

The faculty administration is making great efforts to develop its own resources in a sustainable manner, such as activating the hotel production unit which serves the university community from the faculty staff members, administrators, employees and students by producing different types of products and serving of all the university and faculty celebrations and the preparation of the coffee break for all training courses in the faculty and the university and also serving all the events and celebrations such as the preparation of buffets graduation ceremony and the annual student conference and discussion of the graduation project and the preparation of the bakery of the special Spring Festival.

As well as the activation of the travel agency (as a production unit) through a protocol of cooperation with some of the graduates of the faculty, in order to provide paid tourism services to the university’s internal and external community.

The Faculty is working on expanding the faculty’s educational restaurant to organize larger events and seeks to establish and activate a training center that will provide training courses for trainees from the faculty graduates and those working in the hospitality and tourism industry, which will achieve sustainability in managing, maximizing and preserving the resources of the faculty.