ELC Webinar Series

We’re delighted to announce that Pharos University is starting a PD initiative “ELC Biweekly Webinar Series”.

Our speakers who are experts in ELT for many years aim to deliver effective and fruitful sessions for you all. They volunteer to pass on their knowledge. These webinars are free of charge and designed for all English teachers working in mainstream education. Our webinars are different as they are not just a presentation! All participants will go away with new and applicable ideas. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance for each webinar they attend.

See you in February!


2022 February PUA Webinar Series


Date Subject Time Speaker

(Egypt’s time)

Aysel Kilic
February 23rd, 2022 Where do we go from here? 1:00 P.M

(Egypt’s time)

Alastair Grant


Aysel Kilic
February 27th, 2022 @ 11:30 pm Egypt’s time

As English teachers, we always look for ways of increasing student talking time in our lessons, and making speaking an important component of skills and systems lessons. In this interactive session, I will talk about the factors likely to decrease STT, and different strategies teachers can employ to increase STT. I will also give examples of how small changes in coursebook activities can result in increased STT.


Since the day the world stood on the brink of one of the worst pandemics in history, teachers have cemented their place in society as being among the most responsive and adaptive of all professionals. After all, we’ve learnt to teach without even being in a classroom. But where does our “response pedagogy” go from here? In this workshop, we will examine how we teachers have made our response to Covid19 so successful by working together. We will share a range of strategies and activities that may be deployed in the classroom as well as online, for both our classes now and in the world that the future holds for us. And we’ll do it as team. As Jeremy Harmer said, “”if I could give one piece of advice to teachers these days, it would be to buddy up with other teachers and really be open.”” (2020)”