2nd PUA International Conference

“Multidisciplinary Approaches in Pharmaceutical Sciences”

Strategic Advisor, University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and Professor of Practice Tampere University (TAU), Finland.
“Flipped Classroom as a Strategic Approach in Higher Education”


Prof. AnttiPoso
Professor of Drug Design University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Finland.
“10 Simple Rules for Computer-aided Drug Design”


Prof. Laurent Metzinger
Deputy Director of EA4666 HEMATIM, UFR Pharmacie, Université de Picardie Jules, France.
“Micro RNA’s Roles as New Biomarkers and Innovative Targets in the Chronic Kidney Disease”


Prof. MuhmmetToprak
Professor in Materials Chemistry, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Applied Physics, Nano-chemistry Research Group, Stockholm, Sweden
“Development and Validation of Inorganic Contrast Agents for XRF Tomography Bio-imaging”


Prof. Catherine Mullié-Demailly
Professor of Microbiology, UFR Pharmacie, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, France
“The Rise of CarbapenemResistantAcinetobacterbaumannii in our French Hospital Setting and the Preventive/Curative Actions Implemented to LimititsSpread”


Prof. KristiinaHuttunen
Adjunct Professor, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
“Transporter-Utilizing Brain-Targeted Prodrugs”


Prof. Ashraf El Ghandour
Professor of Hematology, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt
“Clinical Pharmacy from Physician Point of View”


Prof. Ibrahim M. El Akkary

“Asthma and Exercise: Are they Friends or Foes?”

Professor of Clinical Pulmonary Physiology, Head of Bronchial Asthma Research Unit, Medical Research Institute, Alexandria University, Egypt


Prof.Ghada El Khayat

Head of  Information Systems and Computers Department & Head of Pedagogical   Innovation & Distance Learning Unit,  Alexandria University, Egypt.

“Open Educational Resources for Pharmacy Education”


Prof.Dalal Abo El-Ela
Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Ein Shams University, Egypt
“Design & Synthesis of New VEGFR2 & BC12 Inhibitors; A Starting Point for Development of Targeted Anticancer Agents”


Prof. Amany Ahmed Elbanna
Professor of Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine Department, Alexandria University, Egypt
“Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: How & When?”


Chairman & Manager Director of Alexandria Co, for Pharmaceuticals
“The Future of Pharma From Evolution To Revolution”


Assoc.Prof. Omar El-Halfawy

MSc, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, McMaster University, Canada

“Antibiotic Resistance: A Global Crisis that Requires Out-of-the-Box Solutions”




Assoc.Prof. Mohamed El-Shazly

Associate Professor and Head of Pharmaceutical Biology Department, the German University in Cairo,Egypt

“Deciphering the Phytoestrogenic Activity of Medicinal Plants: Towards a Novel and Selective Phytoestrogenic Assay”


Assoc.Prof. Mohammed Bahey-El-Din

Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology,

Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University, Egypt

“Coronavirus, a Serial Killer Between Exaggeration and Under-estimation: A Rational Perspective.”


Assoc. Prof. Sally Galal

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy,

Alexandria University, Egypt
“Vaccine Nanotechnology; Frontiers and Challenges”


Assoc.Prof. Germine M. El Kassas

Assistant Professor of Nutrition, Head of Clinical Nutrition Department,

Andalusia Hospitals, Alexandria, Egypt

“Nutrient- Drug Interactions in Clinical Practice”


Dr.Omneya Mohamed

PhD, HEOR Sr. Consultant, RWE, IQVIA, Dubai, UAE

“An Outlook on the Past, Present, and the Future of the Role of Economic Evaluations in Healthcare Decision Making Across the Middle East.”


Dr.Nancy Ali Mahfouz

Pharm D. Clinical Pharmacist, Department of Neuropsychiatry, Alexandria University Hospitals, Supervisor of the Clinical Pharmacy Department, El HadaraUniversity (Hospital Nariman)
“The Art of Prescribing in Psychiatry Therapeutics from a New Perspective.”



PhD Public Health High Institute of Public Health, Nutrition Department

Alexandria University,Egypt
“Obesity: The Disease of Diseases”