Faculty Goals and Strategic Objectives – Faculty Strategic Plan (2020/2025)
Strategic Goals and objectives

The first goal: raising the efficiency of institutional capacity to improve competitiveness.

1-1  Develop the capabilities of human resources, including teaching staff, teaching assistants, technicians, and administrative staff.

1-2 Achieve sustainability in the financial resources and develop the college’s own resources.

The second goal: supporting the efficiency and effectiveness of education to enhance the competitiveness of students and graduates.


2-1 Update and develop the college’s academic programs and courses.

2-2 Develop the teaching, learning and assessment strategies.

2-3 Develop field training strategies to enhance the competitive skills of students and graduates.

2-4 Provide a supportive environment for innovation and creativity.

The third goal: expanding the support for the college’s internationalization programs.


3-1 Support and enhance partnerships with international educational institutions.

3.2 Support international funded projects.

3-3Offer dual/joint academic programs with distinguished international Universities.

3-4 Expansion of scholarships and mobility for teaching staff, teaching assistants, and students.

The fourth goal: developing scientific research and offer postgraduate programs.


4-1 Develop research plans and set mechanisms for implementation and follow-up at the college level.

4-2 Offer postgraduate programs to keep pace with scientific developments and serve the college’s mission and goals.

4-3 Provide a supportive environment for scientific and research excellence and achieving sustainable development goals.

The fifth goal: expanding in the areas of community service, environmental development, and achieving sustainable development goals.


5-1  Enhance the role of the college in community and environment service and sustainable development.

5-2  Reach out to college graduates and provide opportunities for continuing education to develop their professional and research capabilities.

3-5   Enhance the positive image of the college