Center Activities-Academic Year 2013-2014Center Activities-Academic Year 2013-2014

Linguistic Coexistence

Cohabitation linguistic and simulation of reality linguistic partnership between students and professors in the activation of language attitudes.

And also to identify the Egyptian food by participating students active in the training unit (kitchen) Faculty of Tourism and Hotels University.

Center Activities-Academic Year 2013-2014

Center Activities-Academic Year 2013-2014

Media Studio

Training students through texts dump informational handouts news and talk shows (scripts) to train students on the dumping and imitated following the example of the original register, and enable them to recorded radio studio equipped with the Faculty of Information at the university, to allow them to hear themselves and correct their mistakes.

Taste of Arabic poetry

  • Training of students with their teachers a taste of Arabic poetry and delivering, songs and simulate some of the scenes that rely representative in the dialogue on the verses.
    • Training students to take a modern Arab poetry.
      Example: (poem Ahlam Hairaa) of Farouk Juweidah.
    • Train students to representation.
      Example: Play Magnon Laila

Writing skill activity

The center’s programs allow students writing skill training especially in the beginner level through hours per week dedicated to writing activity, choose the topics of public cultural and discussed with the students, and help them in choosing appropriate words and phrases and giving them the opportunity to write free

Arabic calligraphy activity

Allocation of hours of the program to train students on the proper rules of Arabic calligraphy, with the definition of advanced-level students including the types of calligraphy, and train simulation models.