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University Requirement  (Arabic language skills UGA03) :

 Course objectives:

  1. The student  will fluent skills of the Arabic language, which refine the writing style and enable him to formulate the correct language.
  2. The student use the Arabic language in presentation and dialogue while avoiding error or ambiguity of meaning
  3. The student determines the health and the error in the linguistic use.
  4. The student summarizes the linguistic paragraphs and the article without prejudice to the meaning.
  5. The student rephrases sentences to achieve the diversity of methods of the same meaning.
  6. The student compares methods to choose the most appropriate for the meaning.
  7. The student shall employ language versions in their proper place.
  8. The learner interacts with the recipient in his / her work and is able to communicate the meaning.
  9. The student interacts with the Arabic texts and understands their meanings.

Course Description:

The course focuses on the importance of the Arabic language in the various fields of specialization and the importance of its use in procedural or functional writing.

  1. Arab structures with interest in correcting common mistakes.
  2. The simple and complex Arabic sentence, and the uses of each.
  3. Language coherence, especially in certain scientific fields.
  4. Rules for drafting the paragraph in the Arabic language.
  5. Rules for drafting and preparing reports.
  6. Rules for drafting the application, drafting CV, and the method used for each.
  7. Summary, principles that ensure his health and safety.
  8. Use the Arabic language in a quick and concise presentation of the issues.
  9. Official correspondence, and the most important rules for drafting it.
  10. Training in the management of dialogues and discussions in contemporary Arabic language, with training on upgrading the vernacular.
  11. Correction of misspellings that may lead to confusion in understanding meaning.
  12. Study the errors resulting from the transfer of foreign books without paying attention to the nature of Arabic methods.

Student  assessment  method:

20% Quizzes
20% Mid-term exam
60% Final Exam

Courses taught by the members of the Center for university faculties:

  1. Arabic Language Skills UGA03 –  (University Requirement for All faculties).
  2. Arabic structures GL01 – (first level students – Faculty of Languages and Translation- All departments) .
  3. Arabic Appreciation – GL02 (second level students – Faculty of Languages and Translation- All departments).
  4. Arabic Essay Writing- GL 03 (second level students – Faculty of Languages and Translation- All departments).
  5. Lexicography – EN701 (fourth level students – Faculty of Languages and Translation- All departments).


• The following table shows the system of assessment of courses at Pharos University
(starting from the academic year 2012-2013)

PointsGrade icon
4.0AExcellentX ≥90
3.7A-85≤ X <90
3.3B+Very Good80≤ X <85
3.0B75≤ X <80
2.7B-Good70≤ X <75
2.3C+65≤ X <70
2.0CPass60≤ X <65
1.7C-Pass Conditional

56≤ X <60
1.3D+53≤ X <56
1.0D50≤ X <53
0FFail0≤ X <50
0BLBy lawLess than 30% in the final written exam

*The estimate is based on the percentage
** Rating code according to grading points
*** Successful in the course