Pharos University in Alexandria

12 specialized and accredited Faculties

The first Egyptian private university in Alexandria, established by Republican Decrees Nos. 252 of 2006, 302 of 2009, and 659 of 2020. Further, it is an accredited university, whose degrees are equivalent from the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities and the Ministry of Higher Education.

As internationalization is one of PUA’s key strategic goals, PUA has built numerous collaborative links with European, American, and Asian universities with which it works closely to ensure its students receive a global standard of education. Collaborations include various activities such as staff and student exchange, program development, joint research, and Erasmus+ programs. Moreover, PUA currently offers two international degree programs with its international partners, the first is a BSc in six Engineering disciplines in partnership with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH), Sweden, and the second degree is in Business & Management validated by Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin), Ireland. For more information about PUA international partners, please visit our website at International Partners

University History: –


On July 15, 2006, Republican Decree No. 252 was passed, whereby Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) was established with seven faculties. However, on August 31, 2009, Republican Decree No. 302 was issued, adding four additional faculties to the university. Once again, on November 25, 2020, Republican Decree No. 659 was issued adding one more faculty. Accordingly, PUA obtained a permit from the Council of Private and Private Universities to start providing education in twelve faculties.

The University of Pharos was established in accordance with the latest internationally acknowledged standards and parameters regarding higher education quality, and is Supported with advanced, highly equipped scientific laboratories.

The University has signed a series of cooperation agreements with a number of European and American universities  (euro-mediterranean universities union) in order to benefit from their advanced modern teaching methodologies and sustainable development in the various fields of science, as well as the application of international quality systems. In accordance with that, many student and faculty staff member exchange programs are organized between PUA and other universities in order to take advantage of the expertise of those universities and achieve further development.