The University offers the following academic certificate and degree:

MA in Translation and Linguistics

Study System:

Credit hours system.


Academic-Year Calendar:

Autumn semester: – starts in October, a fifteen-week semester excluding the final exams.

Spring semester: – starts in February, a fifteen-week semester excluding the final exams.

Summer semester: – starts in July, a six-week semester excluding the final exams.


Registration Period:

Application forms are presented at the Admission and Registration Administration at the beginning of September, for the fall semester and the end of January for the spring semester.

Registration takes place at the faculty and online, for one week, as announced before the academic year.


Admission and Registration Rules:

  1. The applicant must hold a Bachelor’s degree in the English Language from the Faculty of Languages and Translation at Pharos University or an equivalent degree from any other university that is recognized by the Supreme Council in the field of speciality, or from an equivalent foreign university.
  2. Minimum general grade required to enrol is C+ in the field of specialization
  3. In case the applicant is granted a Pass (less than C+) in the bachelor’s degree and wishes to register for a master’s degree, he/she must obtain a specialty diploma with general grade (Good) at least or successfully complete non-degree courses determined by the department, with a general grade no less than good and these courses are not part of the credit hours of the program.

System of Study:

  1. 30 credit hours for the courses, in addition to 8 credit hours for the thesis, total of which is 38 credit hours, according to the study plan.
  2. The program combines both translation and linguistics, and students are free to specialize when writing their thesis.
  3. Minimum 2 years after registration to obtain Master’s Degree, maximum 5 years.

Required Documents:

New-comers are to apply at the Students’ Affairs Department.

  1. Application Form.
  2. A bachelor’s degree certificate or its equivalent.
  3. A detailed transcript containing the studied courses and grades obtained while studying for the bachelor’s degree.
  4. Birth certificate or a stamped copy.
  5. A copy of the ID.
  6. Military status for males, whether completion, final exemption or temporary exemption (valid for at least one year that starts at the beginning of the academic year).
  7. The approval of the employer that allows the applicant to study two days every week, and to be renewed annually throughout study years.
  8. A written avowal/declaration by the applicant that s/he is not registered in any postgraduate program, either in the same faculty or any other faculty in the universities or higher institutes in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  9. A written avowal/declaration by the applicant that he has never enrolled to obtain the same degree, if s/he did so, reasons for dropping out of course before obtaining the degree should be provided.
  10. Four recent photos of the applicant.


 Human and Material Resources for the Programs of Post-Graduate Studies:

  1. Human resources

– An extinguished group of professors in the field

  1. Material resources:

– A modern syllabus that keeps pace with the changes in the job market.

– Flexible timetable that fits working students.



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