Key Forum Topics :

Theme Suggested Topics
1-Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality and Tourism Industry

·        Using AI systems in hospitality & tourism industry (chat GPT, robots, smart assistance, virtual applications, chatbots…. etc.)

·        The dark side of artificial intelligence (job loss, extensive use, data security, ethical issues, privacy…. etc.)

·        Enhancing the customer experience with AI, VR and XR.

·        Technology acceptance and digital transformation in hospitality industry

·        Applications of disruptive digital technologies.

2-Challenges and Opportunities in adopting sharing economy concept in hospitality and tourism industry


·        New business models using the concept of sharing economy.

·        Measuring perceived risk in sharing economy.

·        The ethical implications of the sharing economy

·        The environmental impact of the sharing economy

·        The future of the sharing economy

3-Sustainable Tourism & green investments: Case studies & implications for the industry

·         Sustainable tourism in the digital age: opportunities and challenges

·        Leveraging digital technologies for sustainable destination management

·         Digital Marketing Strategies for Sustainable Tourism Businesses

·        Smart tourism destinations: integrating sustainability and digitization

·        The role of government in promoting sustainable tourism & green investments

·        The mitigation of climate change in the tourism sector

4-Bridging the gap between tourism industry & academia: Stimulus for future research communication and collaboration

·        Needs assessment, knowledge & skills transfer among industry & academia

·        Creating more entrepreneurial mindset to fulfil industry requirements through curricula.

·        Closing the gap: communicating research findings & implications with the industry

·        Mindfulness in tourism industry: Research gap perspective

·        Frame work to match graduate attributes and industry expectations across job markets.

·        Developing internships that are relevant to industry needs.



Due Dates 

Abstract submission: Wednesday, 20 March 2024.
Paper submission: Post forum- to be announced.
Notification of acceptance:  Wednesday  , 10 April 2024
Registration deadline: Thursday, 2 May 2024 (strict deadline).
Forum date: Monday 13 May 2024

Call for paper submission guidelines

o   Abstracts are accepted in Arabic and English, not exceeding 250 words.

o   Keywords are between 3 and 5 words.

o  Abstracts and full papers should be sent to: Submit

o   All participants on the research paper should send their full names.

o Selected papers will be published in the journal “Pharos International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality-PIJTH”.

o   Virtual presentation of research papers is accepted.


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