Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management Dean Message:

Welcome to the faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management of Pharos University in Alexandria, which was established in 2006. As a dean of this faculty, it gives me great honor to introduce the faculty’s mission which is providing high-quality education by offering active and interactive learning experiences for students. In addition to aligning sustainability efforts and scientific research trends with a system of goals that have been agreed upon by the faculty staff and local community.

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The Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management has been accredited from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education on 30/07/2018.

1. Hotel Management Department

About Department

The Hotel Management Department is a multi-faceted department of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management – Pharos University in Alexandria. It is based on preparing a graduate who is able to work in various professions and jobs in hospitality institutions, practicing the occupational safety and first aid measures required to work in hospitality establishments. Hospitality, and employment of related sciences such as customer psychology, environment, tourism legislation … to serve the fields of hospitality, and to prepare, organize and manage hospitality business using modern technologies.
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The department comprises the following specializations:

1. International Hotel Management

2. Hospitality Management Entrepreneurship

3. Mass Catering Management

4. Hospitality Marketing

2. Tourism Department

About Department

Tourism Department aims at graduating students with the knowledge and skills required for the local, regional and international tourist work market. The academic disciplines provided by the department qualify to work in different sections of tourism companies and airlines, in addition to a wide range of public functions that suit the graduates’ PR, marketing, customer service, and advertising.
The department ensures that graduates are able to interact with the latest developments in the tourism industry and the skills of continuous self-education, which makes them able to keep abreast of everything new in their field of specialization. The department is also interested in devising behavioral values and professional ethics in its students.
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  • Specializations

The department comprises the following specializations:

1. Tourism Destination Marketing

2. Tourism Planning and Development

3. Tourism and Travel Business

4. Tourism, Leisure and Event Management

3. Aviation Management

The Program comprises the following specializations:

  • In-Flight Services
  • Airport Management
  • Ground Hospitality Fields

4. Cultural Heritage Management

The Program comprises the following specializations:

  • Museums Management
  • Archaeological Sites Management
  • Cultural Documentation Management
  • The State Sectors for Cultural, Archaeological and Heritage Affairs Management
  • Why study Tourism and Hotel Management at Pharos University?

The faculty prepares its graduates for the labor market through special academic programs, advanced syllabus and community projects, in addition to a number of facilities and supporting simulators, such as:
Educational restaurant – Educational kitchen – Travel agency – Front office – Hotel guest room – Language labs

  • Computer labs with a large number of electronic programs and modern reservation system in tourism and hospitality, such as: Amadeus, Fidelio, Opera and Sabre.
  • Field training in tourism and hotel labor market, such as: five-star hotels, tourism companies, travel agencies and airlines.
  • Student scholarships abroad at prestigious international universities.
  • The partnership between the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management – Pharos University, and a number of tourism and hotel institutions, locally and internationally (Four Seasons Hotels – Sheraton Hotels “Starwood Group” – Hilton Hotels – Tolip Hotel –a group of distinctive tourism companies – Chamber of tourism companies and travel agencies – Chamber of hotel institutions – Computing and Advanced Technology Company ACT – Educom Overseas Egypt EO).
  • International training opportunities in many developed tourism destinations.
  • The partnership between the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management- Pharos University and a number of International universities, e.g. Jamk University in Finland, Heilbronn in Germany, Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), Kansas University in Missouri State in USA.

Peer Colleges

  • Hotel Management Department

    • Hospitality organizations (hotels) supervisory and administrative jobs (marketing and sales sector – conferences sector –rooms division – front office and housekeeping) production, food and beverage sector, various service sectors, work in hospitals, land, air and maritime transportation companies, supervision on accommodation, guesthouses, hostels and occupational training centers for the hotel sector.
    • Working in education and scientific research in the field of hospitality (hotels) and community services.
    • Working in academic and occupational training in different fields related to hospitality (hotel) activities.
  • Tourism Department

    • Tourist organizations such as different travel and tourism agencies – airlines – airports – tourism marketing – Human resource management – tourist program planning –inclusive trips – planning and management of various recreation sites – tourist information desks – conference centers and tourist transportation companies.
    • Working in education and scientific research in the field of tourism and community services.
    • Working in academic and occupational training in different fields related to tourism.


  • Department of Aviation Hospitality Management:-

    • Working in Aviation Hospitality
    • Working in the field of airport management
    • Working in airlines companies
    • Working in specialized companies in the logistics of aircrafts and airports
    • Working in the fields of customer service at airports
    • Working in the specialties of ground hospitality at airports


    Department of Cultural Heritage Management:

    • Museums
    • Archaeological and heritage sites and natural reserves of an archaeological nature
    • Cultural and cultural documentation sectors and centers
    • State sectors for cultural and archaeological affairs, heritage departments, ministries and concerned bodies such as (Ministry of Antiquities / Ministry of Culture / Ministry of Tourism / ……)
    • Foreign and Egyptian archaeological missions

Production Unit

Travel Agency

Summer Training


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