Departments accepting Literary & Scientific Division (Science/ Math) High school graduates or equivalent:


  • General Department
  • Décor Department
    • Interior Design Program
    • Expressive Arts Program ( Design for Theater, Cinema and Television )
  • Graphic Department 
    • Graphic Design ProgramDepartments
    • Illustration Program
  • Media Arts Department
    • Digital Media Program
    • Animation and Video Film Program
  • Painting Department
    • Drawing and Painting Program
    • Mural Design Program
  • Fashion Design Department

The Faculty of Arts and Design – Pharos University awards a bachelor degree in Arts and Design in the previous disciplines and programs accredited and approved by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities and the Ministry of Higher Education.

Capability Test:

All applicants should take a technical and innovative capabilities test, held at the Faculty where the student’s success is a must for Faculty acceptance.