PUA’s university council is composed of :

University Council

– Prof. Mahmoud Mohy El-Din

President of Pharos University


– Prof. Hany Koheil

Consultant of the Minister of Higher Education


– Prof. Nourhan Fanaky

Vice-President for Education and Student Affairs

– Prof. Ramadan Abu El-Ala

Vice President of Community Service & Environment Development Affairs

– Prof. Alaa El Din Ramadan

Vice President of Admission and Registration


Prof. Gamal Badie Mohamed

Consultant of University President for academic &  External Relations


– Prof.  Boshra Salem


Dean of postgraduate Studies and Research

– Prof. Maged El Ghazouly

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing

– Prof. Mohamed Gaber Abou Ali

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering


– Prof. Tarek Taha

Dean of the Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences


– Prof. Hamam Mohamed zahran


Dean of the Faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations


– Prof. Sahar Hammouda

Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation


– Prof. Ahmed Yehia Ashour

Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry


– Prof. Mohammed Nassar

Supervisor of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management


– Prof. Azza Abdelaziz Othman

Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication


– Prof. Shaimaa Abo ElAzm

Dean of the Faculty of Physical Therapy


– Prof. Ezzat Hassan

Dean of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology


– Prof. Hana Ahmed Yasin

Dean of the Faculty of Art and Design


– Dr. Mohamed Abdel Fattah Ragab

Secretary General


– Mr. Ahmed Alaa Ragab

The Financial Controller of Pharos University


– Eng. Osama El-Ganaynee

Chairman and former Managing Director of Alexandria Fertilizer Company