The Anatomy Museum serves several medical faculties in Pharos University as:

The museum contains 85  specimens from Somso Company (Germany) and 3B company (American). The specimen simplifies teaching of anatomy of Head and Neck, Brain, Upper Limb, Lower Limb, Abdomen and Thorax.

The specimens are categorized into different regions of the body.
Explanatory boards are located beside each specimen to encourage self-learning process for students.
All students of the mentioned faculties attend their laboratory sections inside the museum which is equipped with computers and data show projector for demonstrating slides for the specimens.


Anatomy Museum

Ankle Joint

Elbow Joint

Knee Joint
Hip joint
Shoulder Joint
Wrist Joint
Median sagittal section of head and neck
Muscular Leg
Brain and Brain stem
Heart, Lung ,Larynx
Muscular Arm
Lower Jaw - Mandible