Faculty of Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence :

The Faculty of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Pharos University aspires to be a pioneering institution in the field of education and research in both informatics and applied sciences and as centers of excellence locally, regionally and internationally. The Faculty of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence will represent a dynamic, vibrant scientific community, a diverse knowledge and cultures, as it is considered a leading center for scientific generations to spread and apply knowledge in the field of computer sciences and technology, as it will include a group of specialized professors, experts and prominent researchers, who strive for scientific excellence, and contribute greatly to support the path of Pharos University towards continuous development and lasting success.

The Faculty – dean, administration and faculty members – considers its students the greatest interest and great goals, and it will mobilize all its human energy and material potential in order to prepare conscious and distinguished generations capable of strong and effective participation in the development of society and the development of its capabilities. The Faculty of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence realizes the extent of the scientific and cognitive challenges it faces at the local, regional and international levels, so the administration and faculty members are in one melting pot to exert utmost effort, sincere dedication and hard work with a team spirit in order to achieve hope in reaching the appropriate high educational and research level in the Faculty, in order to match its counterpart in the most prestigious universities in developed countries. The Faculty also aspires to fruitful cooperation with the community’s institutions and its various bodies in the interest of the citizen and the nation’s advancement and progress.

It is a matter of pride for the Faculty of  Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence to be the home of expertise for many technological companies and government institutions in Alexandria Governorate and its surroundings, and the college will give scientific advice and organize many training courses and workshops in various disciplines to raise the efficiency of workers Concerned companies and institutions.

My best wishes,
Dean of the Faculty


The Faculty of Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence includes the following departments each with its specific specialization:

  • Why Study Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence at PUA?
  • Developing competencies in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence, specifically in the field of data mining and information retrieval using developed methods. Moreover, the application of modern technological methods and smart apps in the field of proper management and decision-making as it is considered one of the most important topics that have been at the forefront of scientific research recently.
  • The faculty of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence qualifies graduates to work in large companies that depend on modern and digital technology.
  • Providing scientific knowledge and gaining professional experience in many fields such as physics, robotics and mathematics.
  • Graduates are awarded a bachelor degree that helps open up new scientific horizons.

Career Opportunities:

The Faculty of Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence– Pharos University provides the community with outstanding education and professional skills with high blending computer sciences and Artificial Intelligence with its different wide areas of study throughout the 3 offered departments: Computer Science, Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

The study in the faculty allows the design and development in the following areas:

  • Computer programs.
  • Web applications.
  • Mobile applications.
  • Computer games.
  • Database development, design and analysis.
  • Network administration.
  • Information and network security.

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