Hotel Management Department

  • About Department

    • The Hotel Management Department is a multi-faceted department of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management – Pharos University in Alexandria. It is based on preparing a graduate who is able to work in various professions and jobs in hospitality institutions, practicing the occupational safety and first aid measures required to work in hospitality establishments. Hospitality, and employment of related sciences such as customer psychology, environment, tourism legislation … to serve the fields of hospitality, and to prepare, organize and manage hospitality business using modern technologies.
    • Students in this section specialize in the third level. The students study a range of specialized and qualified subjects to work in the various professions and jobs in the hotel establishments. Besides the theoretical courses, the department is interested in the practical aspect. Fidlio was provided to train students on hotel reservation systems, internal supervision and hotel accounts. , The warehouse control program to train students to monitor inventory and cost control of the hotel establishment, as well as summer training every academic year. The hotel management department cooperates with a group of hotels and restaurants to train students during the summer, Ml for graduates. The department also organizes many field visits and scientific trips for its students over the years of study.
    • The department is located in the sixth floor of the Minneapolis – Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management – University of Pharos
  • Department Mission

Contribute to the preparation of graduates able to deal with the behavior and ethics and ethics of the profession, serving customers of different nationalities, adapting and adapting to the variables in the business environment and prepare researchers specializing in hotel management, in addition to the provision of research services and community diverse. As well as to ensure the sustainable professional development of faculty members and their assistants, and to confirm the support of cooperation between the department and the corresponding departments in the colleges of tourism and hotels locally, regionally and internationally, in addition to providing consultancy and hotel research and training services to various institutions and institutions and adopting mechanisms for the evaluation and continuous development.

Hotel Management Department

  • Specializations

The department comprises the following specializations:

1. International Hotel Management

2. Hospitality Management Entrepreneurship

3. Mass Catering Management

4. Hospitality Marketing

  • Career Opportunities

    • Hospitality organizations (hotels) supervisory and administrative jobs (marketing and sales sector – conferences sector –rooms division – front office and housekeeping) production, food and beverage sector, various service sectors, work in hospitals, land, air and maritime transportation companies, supervision on accommodation, guesthouses, hostels and occupational training centers for the hotel sector.
    • Working in education and scientific research in the field of hospitality (hotels) and community services.
    • Working in academic and occupational training in different fields related to hospitality (hotel) activities.

Hotel Management Department

Department Staff

1Dr. Eslam FathyLecturer in Hotel Management Department
2Dr. Ehab FathyLecturer in Hotel Management Department
3Mr. Adel SamirAssistant Lecturer in Hotel Management Department
4Mr. Hamada GamalDemonstrator in Hotel Management Department
5Mr. Amr FouadDemonstrator in Hotel Management Department
6Mr. Abdallah MohamedDemonstrator in Hotel Management Department

Department Council

1Prof. Amany RefaatFaculty Dean and Professor in Tourism Department
2Dr. Eslam FathyLecturer in Hotel Management Department
3Dr. Ehab FathyLecturer in Hotel Management Department
4Mr. Hani BakriExternal Mamber
5Students Representative----

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