Accredited from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education:

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing -Pharos University has been accredited from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education on 21/03/2016.


The Mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing is to:

  • Introduce distinguished and updated program in pharmaceutical education. The faculty also aspires to provide the society with competent graduates who value professional ethics and are capable of playing an effective and distinguished  role in the field of pharmaceutical care, drug industry and community services. The Faculty also values and encourages the scientific research and collaboration with similar faculties in Egypt and abroad.



  • The Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug manufacturing – Pharos University-, as a teaching and research institution, aims to achieve  a distinguished and leading position between its local and international counterparts and to be a leader in development of pharmacy career with offering services to community and environs.


The Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing comprises the following facilities:

  • A well equipped Industrial Pharmacy Lab (IPL) with the aim of introducing the undergraduate students to the state of-the art technologies applied to the development of various drug dosage forms.

The IPL is divided into two large units:

  1. The Drug Manufacturing Unit: in which the student is learning the small scale production of different dosage forms.
  2. Quality Control Unit: in which the student evaluates the prepared dosage forms by carrying out the specific quality control testing.
  • Pharmacy practices and Clinical pharmacy unit designed to provide students with necessary skills and knowledge before their training in the community pharmacy and clinical pharmacy to ensure a high-quality advanced pharmaceutical practice experience.
  • Drug Research Center The center includes a number of specialized research laboratories in the field of Pharmaceutical research, and a laboratory for scientific apparatus.
  • Highly equipped lecture halls, classrooms and laboratories to serve the educational process.
  • A highly equipped library for scientific research.
  • An animal house to serve laboratory testing for students, as well as scientific research.


Career Opportunities:

  • Local and international health ministries and institutions
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Public Pharmacies & Hospitals Pharmacies
  • Pharmaceutical development & manufacturing
  • Scientific research and academic centers
  • Drug quality control
  • Forensic analysis of toxins
  • Analysis of food and water
  • Clinical laboratory testing
  • Health care and patients advisory services