By the end of the iBT preparation course, students should be able to:

  • gain familiarity with the format, directions and test-taking strategies for all sections of the iBT TOEFL test.
  • gain familiarity with the types of questions for each section.
  • employ and sharpen strategies for the listening, reading, speaking, and writing sections of the iBT TOEFL test.
  • develop confidence and time management skills.
  • deepen one’s general knowledge of academic topics.
  • skim and scan, identify main ideas and organize information.
  • guess meanings of words in context and identify referents.
  • summarize and paraphrase main ideas.
  • develop listening strategies such as listening for gist and supporting details, making inferences, and identifying speaker’s stance.
  • apply critical thinking skills.
  • apply the language rules, spelling, grammar, and punctuation reviewed during the course.
  • organize information, and analyze, and express opinions.
  • integrate main ideas from reading and listening.
  • develop note taking skills and outlining.
  • learn how to analyze written texts for specific information.


Targeted Clients:

The course is intended for students planning to join undergraduate studies in which a standardized English proficiency level is a requirement. Also, the course is intended to graduate students who plan to join post graduate studies taught solely in English.

Course duration:

30 hours- Total 5 weeks – 2 days / week (3 hours / day)


800 L.E


Participants receive a certificate of attendance

Contact Info:

For queries and registration
Tel: – 03-3877 231 / 238
E-mail: info.testprep@pua.edu.eg