The Organizational structure

Responsibilities of the Board Members

  • Providing consultation services for researches to be published internationally starting from planning and preparing the research to the phase of the international publication of researches, including the publication of the research on the chosen scientific magazine as well as answering all the comments raised on the part of the examiners.
  • Following up the progress of researchers of different specialisations in their nanotechnology researches from the initial experiments to the processes of writing and publishing academic researches.
  • Holding agreements of multidisciplinary research between faculty members and teaching assistants of different specializations in/out Pharos University.
  • After the international publication of the research, a letter of thanks is addressed to the INCC consultant who provides consultation in the following English formula:

Consultant in

International Publication and Nanotechnology Consultation Center (INCC) 

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing- Pharos University in Alexandria


  • Holding lectures and workshops for the faculty academic staff members about the international publication of nanotechnology researches and how to deal with its problems.

Responsibilities of the INCC Secretary

  • Sorting out paperwork.
  • Organizing the times of consultations.
  • Keeping the INCC files and documents as well as making archive of its records.
  • Any other task assigned to her on the part of the director or the deputy director.
  • Posting all the advertisements of the workshops to be convened by the centre.