The 2nd (ICNTSE) 2018

Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA)
Faculty of Engineering
The 2nd International Conference
New Trends for Sustainable Energy

5 –7 November 2018 – Alexandria – Egypt

Under the patronage of

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohy Eldin
President of Pharos University in Alexandria

Conference Chairman

Prof. Abdelmoneim Moussa
Former President of PUA


Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden




Welcome Note:

Faculty of Engineering – Pharos University in Alexandria is looking forward to enriching scientific research and encouraging researchers to share their innovative and creative contributions.

To achieve its mission and pioneering role in the development of engineering sector, the faculty will organize its second international conference entitled “New Trends for Sustainable Energy”. A vision for Sustainable Development in Energy Systems based on Egypt sustainable development strategy 2030.

The conference is a top-level gathering of distinguished, research centers, ministries, organizations, authorities, concerned associations of chambers and industry representatives. As well as, the conference is a multidisciplinary platform for academics, researchers, experts, leadership entrepreneurs, investors, developers and community members of energy systems to discuss and share their experiences, trends as well as practical challenges.

In this context, the conference will provide an ideal atmosphere to stimulate new ideas, initiate intense discussions about theories and applications and establish communications by a series of interactive sessions, workshops, interactive panels and keynote addresses to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the fields of renewable energy systems.

Therefore, the conference adopts the country’s national approach in encouraging creative and innovative youth’s ideas and the small and medium-sized enterprises in the fields of renewable energy resources and systems. The conference will discuss the obstacles facing them. It will also offer effective opportunities for both decision makers and Entrepreneurs to get connected.

We are looking forward to seeing you from 5-7 November 2018 at the 2ndInternational Conference (ICNTSE) 2018 in Alexandria – Egypt.


Principal Theme of the Conference:

  •  Role of Energy in Sustainable Development.
  •  Energy and Environment Building Efficiency Technology.
  • Clean Transportation.
  • Others


Separate sessions will be held on the following themes:

  1.  Carbon Footprint and Life Cycle Assessment. 
    1. Risk Assessment.
    2. Emission Reduction.
    3.  Others.
    4. Sustainability and Sustainable Design
  2. Renewable Energy Generation:​
    1. Solar Energy Systems.
    2. Wind Energy Systems.
    3. Bio-Energy.
    4. Mechanical Energy Harvesting and Tribo-Electric Nano Generators.
    5. Others.
  3. Energy Management:
    1. Energy Conservation.
    2. Energy Economics.
    3. Energy Recycling.
    4. Others.


Steering Committee:

Chairman: Prof. Abdel Moneim Moussa Former President of PUA
Co-Chairman: Prof. Mohamed G. Abouali Dean of the Faculty of Engineering (PUA)
Co-Chairman: Prof. Björn Palm Professor of Energy Systems (KTH)
Secretary General: Prof. Mahmoud El-Gammal Professor at the Electrical  Engineering Department (PUA)


Chairs of Committees:

Scientific Committee: Prof.  Ahmed Abdallah Professor of Electrical Machines Engineering
Advising Committee: Prof.  Mohamed Fahim Head of the Petrochemical Engineering Department (PUA)
Organizing Committee: Prof.  Hisham Elshimy Professor of Architectural Engineering Department (PUA)
Logistics Committee: Dr. Marwa Abdel-Fattah Assistant Professor of Petrochemical Engineering Department (PUA)
Administrative Secretary:  Eng. Hanan El-Gammal Assistant Lecturer in Electrical  Engineering Department (PUA)

Contact us:

E-mail: ICNTSE@pua.edu.eg

For further details, please visit the website: www.pua.edu.eg/ICNTSE





You can register during the participation in ICNTSE’18  in “Grand Plaza” Hotel Smouha with the following prices


Room Type Room Rate
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Single Room 600 L.E 60$
Double Room 650 L.E 65$
Triple Room 800 L.E 85$

The previous prices includes breakfast meals