Organizing Committees

The 2nd (ICNTSE) 2018

Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA)
Faculty of Engineering
The 2nd International Conference
New Trends for Sustainable Energy

5 –7 November 2018 – Alexandria – Egypt


Under the patronage of
Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohy Eldin
President of Pharos University in Alexandria


Conference Chairman
Prof. Abdelmoneim Moussa
Former President of PUA


Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden

Organizing Committees



Organizing Committees:

Conference Chairman
Prof. Abdel Moneim Moussa
Former President of PUA


Conference Co-Chairman
Prof. Mohamed G. Abouali
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering (PUA)


Conference Co-Chairman
Prof. Björn Palm
Professor of Energy Systems (KTH)


Secretary General
Prof. Mahmoud El-Gammal
Professor of the Electrical Power Engineering & Energy (PUA)


Chair of Scientific Committee
Prof. Ahmed Abdallah
Professor in Electrical Machines Engineering
Chair of Advising Committee
Prof. Mohamed Fahim
Head of the Petrochemical Engineering Department (PUA)
Chair of Organizing Committee
Prof. Hisham Elshimy
Professor at Architectural Engineering Department (PUA)


Chair of Logistics Committee
Dr. Marwa Abdel-Fattah
Assistant Professor at Petrochemical Engineering Department (PUA)


Administrative Secretary
Eng. Hanan El-Gammal
Assistant Lecturer at Electrical Engineering Department  (PUA)