How to complete a field training?


1. First, applicants are tested for eligibility; as students must have completed at least 40% of their total credit hours.
2. Students submit an application to the training unit indicating their desired training facility, along with all required information.
3. Students head to their respective training supervisor, who fills in their applications with the required information and have it approved by the academic advisor.
4. Within two weeks from the submission deadline, the names of accepted students are announced. However, those whose names have not been announced should return to the training unit.
5. The Faculty’s training unit writes letters to the training facility attached with the required forms to be filled by that facility.
6. Before commencing the field training, the faculty provide the students with a one-week qualification program. The duration of this program is calculated within the total training days, and it includes, among other things, orientation sessions. However, if the student fails to attend these session, their training program will not initiated.
7. Training programs commence.
8. Students compile reports about their field trainings and submit it to internal training supervisor within one week from the end of the training. After that, students are required to make presentations about what they trained on in coordination with the internal training supervisor.
9. Students provide the training supervisors with all supporting documents proving the completion of their training.
10. Students fills a questionnaire about how satisfied they are with their field training period.