Field Training a key requirement for graduation.

Field Training Requirements:

  1. Applicants must have completed at least 40% of their total credit hours.
  2. Applicant must attend the qualification week held by the Faculty in collaboration with the Field Training Center (FTC) before the initiation of the field training.

How to Complete Field Training:

  1. Field Training Application:

Applicants receive two form (Training Application “T1” + Acknowledgment Form “T3”). Applicants need to fill out these two forms, have them signed by their respective head of the training unit, and submit them to FTC.


  1. External Training Provider Letter

Applicants shall receive a FTC certified letter addressing the external training provider.


  1. Field Training Renouncement

Students wishing to renounce the field training shall receive a training renouncement form “T2” from FTC. This form shall be filled out and signed by the head of the training uint, two weeks before the commencement of the training.


  1. Training Supervision

The academic supervisor is required to fill out and sign a student assessment by internal supervisor form “T6”.


  1. Student Assessment by External Providers

FTC shall send Student Assessment by Training Providers Form “T5” to the external training providers.


  1. After Field Training Completion

Students shall compile summary reports about their field training and submit them to their respective head of training unit. These reports shall then be submitted to panel of staff members and teaching assistants. Later, the head of the training unit shall fill out and endorse the students’ training period report form “T7”.


  1. Student Training Satisfaction

Once the training period is complete, students shall fill out a training satisfaction questionnaire “T4”. This questionnaire shall be then submitted to the respective head of training unit.


  1. Training Period Final Assessment

The heads of the field training unit in each faculty shall fill out and sign a final assessment form “T8”. This form shall be then send to FTC.