Faculty : Pharmacy

Name of Researcher : Prof.Dr.Yosra S.R. Elnaggar

Journal Title: International journal of biological macromolecules

Research Title:Novel Fucoidan based bioactive targeted nanoparticles from Undaria Pinnatifida for treatment of pancreatic cancer

English Summary:

Fucoidan is a marine polymer extracted from diverse types of brown algae. This polysaccharide showed great potential towards treatment of different types of cancer. In this study, the activity of fucoidan extracted from Undaria Pinnatifida was investigated against pancreatic cancer (one of the most life-threatening cancers). Then, in an attempt to enhance the polymer’s activity against cancer cells, conversion the polymer solution to nanoparticles was suggested to enhance its delivery through pancreatic cancer surrounding stroma. Novel fucoidan based nanoparticles were elaborated by polyelectrolyte interaction with the positively charged, active targeting ligand lactoferrin. The formulation was optimized through the interplay between different factors. Effect of fucoidan solution along with its blank nanoparticles was tested on the viability of pancreatic cancer cells and its migration and invasion abilities. Results confirmed the cytotoxic ability of fucoidan against pancreatic cancer. IC50 value decreased by 2.3 folds when the polymer was converted to nanoparticles. The prepared nanosystems showed an enhanced ability to prevent pancreatic cancer cells’ migration and invasion. Results suggested the potential of using these nanoparticles as bioactive dual-targeted system either blank or loaded with different anticancer agents for treatment for pancreatic cancer.

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Relevancy to SDGs:

The elaborated nanoparticles have the potential treatment for pancreatic cancer with higher patient safety and lower dose and suffering.