Comprehensive Care Case CCC Program

The faculty of Dentistry implements a Comprehensive Care Case (CCC) Program  that is open for students and public. The CCC program started since 2014 under the supervision of  the faculty dean and is considered the graduation project of the senior students; where each 2 students work together on a single patient treating him/her from the start till the end under the supervision of the professors of different departments. Through this program, senior students acquire the knowledge, skills, and a widen horizon to make a comprehensive treatment plan for any patient with vision, confidence, and skill. Also this program is contributing in community service for all the disadvantaged patients mainly those who are unable to pay. The actual cost of treatment of each individual case is ranging from a Minimum of 30,000 L.E to a Maximum of 100,000 L.E. but through this Program; these patients are receiving an excellent treatment totally Free of charge. Since the start of this program 500 cases were given a complete dental care for free.