Webinar April 2023

FLEND (flip & blend) – from In-class Engagement to community service involvement

Wednesday 5th April, 2023

Presented by Khalid Fethi

This webinar focuses on how we can alternate harmoniously the flipped instructions and blended activities in English and Leadership classes. We will try to explore the different stages from what we call “THE PRELUDE” to the CAP stage, which stands for Creativity activities in Public. The session will include:

a-     How to flip and blend the classes

b-     How to digitize our classes, using a variety of apps efficiently, either out of class and in-class

c-      How to integrate leadership skills in the different lesson stages

d-     How to turn the in-class words into real impactful actions

e-     How to inculcate implicitly the social and human values.

Outside Classroom activities: Plan your money, plant your future

Wednesday 12th April, 2023  – 12:00 CLT

Presented by Nasiba Mirpochoeva

Three key literacy skills: digital literacy, media literacy and financial literacy are important both for students and adults. Two of them are taught at the educational institutions worldwide but not the financial literacy.  The webinar will share smart strategies and tips on how to bring financial literacy into classroom and cultivate wise money management and better saving habits of students to help them to be aware of financial literacy and not to be trapped in financial debts.

Unlocking the power of games: Using games to boost speaking and practice vocabulary

Sunday 16th April, 2023  – 09:00 AM (CLT)

Presented by Rose Meschi

Games provide engaging opportunities to practice a verb form, a language point, or a group of words – over and over again, in a fun and attractive way. They can trigger competition, which is a very effective motivator in EFL learning contexts. By activating students’ sense of competition, teachers can focus on practicing the target language in an indirect fun way, where the students feel they are only having fun but indirectly they are learning and using the language. Games can be used to practice the target language of daily lessons and to encourage students to use that target language and practice speaking. They can create a lively and energetic atmosphere in the classroom, get students out of their seats and break up the monotony of slow book work during classes. This webinar aims to introduce some of the most fun and competitive, yet educational games that can be used in the classroom for various skills.