The College of Tourism and Hotel Management, Pharos University in Alexandria, is adopting the COIL strategy (Collaborative Online International Learning) and is embedding it into its curriculum, supported by a rich international network of distinguished partners, including Universities, tourism organizations and independent professionals.

The virtual session is among faculty COIL strategy approach is a globally widespread and recognized teaching method, supporting online interaction and collaboration between students from different countries as a virtual-mobility-and-exchange-based strategy, leading to quality enhancement of the education system as it provides students with an opportunity to interact with professors, professionals and peers at an international scale, to develop their intercultural competencies, digital skills and to allow them to learn from different international perspectives.

1. Staff and Academic session

Virtual Sessions Academic Year 2023-2024

Virtual Sessions Academic Year 2022-2023

Virtual Sessions Academic Year 2021-2022

Virtual Sessions Academic Year 2020-2021