The Faculty of Tourism & Hotel Management – – Pharos University – is committed to providing educational services through distinguished and developed academic programs “tourism, hospitality, aviation and cultural heritage”, in order to prepare a distinguished graduate at the educational and professional level, capable of being competitive, locally and regionally, in addition to aligning sustainability efforts and scientific research trends with a system of goals that has been agreed upon by the faculty staff and local community, as well as, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The Faculty of Tourism & Hotel Management at Pharos University aspires to become locally, regionally and internationally recognized for its sustainable educational programs, academic research and consultation services in all aspects of tourism, hospitality, aviation and cultural heritage.

  1. Strengthen the institutional capacity of the College.
  2. Raising the efficiency of educational effectiveness to prepare a distinguished graduate.
  3. Enhancing the community role of the college and developing the environment.
  4. Developing the scientific research system and introducing distinguished programs for postgraduate studies. Read More