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( The English Language Centre)

I. What is the ELC?

ELC is an English Language Centre that provides PUA students with English courses to help improve their language proficiency level. The courses and academic plans set are designed to help students attain a degree of linguistic mastery, especially where writing and speaking are concerned. As put forward by Pharos’ Board of Directors, students attend 3 levels of English, where English is considered a mandatory course and is included in the students’ GPA score.

The curriculum and academic plan chosen correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) where students enrolled at the university must at least measure up to B1 standards. Students whose language competence skills are below B1 (A1 or A2) register in an intensive elementary English course which helps prepare them for upcoming levels. This elementary course, however, does not add up to their GPA score and is considered an intensive preparatory course.

General English courses fall under the 2 Credit Hour program

II. Mission, Vision and Goals


At this course, the academic staff seeks to constantly upgrade its pedagogical approaches and facilities to provide its learners with an unparalleled level of education and present them as merit able candidates on graduation.


Since its establishment, the centre has had one purpose in mind: Widening learners’ horizons on linguistic, cultural, personal, and intellectual levels.

For that reason, it has carefully selected an academic staff that can promptly deliver knowledge with great diligence and competence.


The English Language Centre:

  • uses modern pedagogical techniques that help increase Pharos University students’ retention skills. From class to class the teaching methodology may vary; the ELC English Language Centre مركز اللغة الإنجليزيةpurpose, however, remains the same: turning every English lesson into a worthwhile learning experience on the personal and intrapersonal levels
  • fosters students’ reading skills by introducing different reading texts and contexts
  • reinforces students’ writing skills through constant practice of various writing prompt and styles
  • puts students’ preconceived theoretical, syntactic, and linguistic concepts into practice
  • uses the language in real-life situations and business-related scenarios through skits and role-plays.

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