Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL)

Objectives (TAFL) Programs

  1. Full comprehension of Modern Standard Arabic (the language of culture, media and communication) in different life-like situations.
  2. Communication in Arabic through conversation.
  3. Self-expression in either Modern Standard Arabic or Egyptian colloquial Arabic.
  4. Comprehensive reading knowledge of Arabic.
  5. Functional writing in Arabic for various life-like situations.


In its pursuit of these objectives, the Center makes available all Pharos University facilities, which include next to well qualified teachers, up-to-date language labs, as well as various educational media tools. The Center also provides exclusive in- language activities, such as:-


  • Experiencing the language through life-like situations that learners, guided by their teachers, prepare and act out.
  • Transcribing recorded media scripts such as news bulletins and talk shows, and training learners to re-deliver them in the well- equipped studios of the University.
  • Training learners to follow Arabic news channels such as “Al-Hurra”, “Arabia” and “Al-Jazeera”.
  • Developing appreciation for, and oral reading of Arabic poetry.
  • Practicing elocution
  • Having access to University sporting areas.
  • Organizing concerts and artistic, cultural and social events.

• The Center also offers special courses: foreigners who wish to experience life in the Egyptian environment are offered a course of Egyptian colloquial language for 13 weeks, 6 hours per week.

• The Center welcomes those who prefer independent learning. For fellows in particular fields: engineering, medicine, maritime transport; foreign consultants in oil or tourism, the focus is geared towards culture and communication in life-like situations.