The International Publication and Nanotechnology Consultation (INCC) is the first center in Pharos University that provides scientific consultations for international publication of research in all specialties, starting from submission to acceptance/ rejection. The INCC aims to help researchers to overcome obstacles in international publication process.
Associate Prof. Yosra Elnaggar
The Executive Director of the INCC

The By-law of the International Publication and Nanotechnology Consultation Center (INCC)

This by-law is endorsed by Prof. Mahmoud Mohy El Din, the President of Pharos University on 17/1/2019. This by-law is drafted to enforce the establishment of the International Publication and Nanotechnology Consultation Center (INCC) which is located at the 5th floor of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing. INCC is the first academic center in all public and private universities in Alexandria to provide scientific consultations on the international publication of researches.

Giving guidance for researchers on the needed skills and methods of the international publication of researches at all its stages, thus achieving the development of scientific research and increasing the rate of international publication. This in return would serve both patients and community and achieve sustainable development in the field of scientific research.

Providing researchers of different specialisations with consultation services for all the stages of international publication as well as the numerous fields of the nanotechnology research.

  • Increasing the international publication rate of researches that are published annually by Pharos University. ELC English Language Centre مركز اللغة الإنجليزية
  • Stimulating and promoting nanotechnology researches conducted in the nanotechnology lab of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing- Pharos University.
  • Integrating the international publication of scientific researches in Pharos University through giving academic guidance for researchers on the methods and skills needed for publishing their researches internationally. This guidance is provided for researchers through all the steps of research preparation.
  • Keeping researchers constantly updated of the latest developments in the international publication process to help them address the problem of research rejection.
  • Raising the international ranking of Pharos University in the World University Rankings.
  • Developing cadres of PUA academic staff members.
  • Forming multidisciplinary research teams in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing and other PUA faculties to produce high standard academic researches.