The IELTS competition is held in the ELC, Pharos University. The event is held four times a year; it aims at motivating our university students to enhance their interpersonal skills and their English language skills in an entertaining way. This event includes three main activities; a general knowledge competition, talent shows and mini talks. The competition tests the participants’ general knowledge in fields of History, Science and Psychology. The first winner is granted a free IELTS exam, the second is granted a free placement test, and the third receives a book of his/her choice. The talent show is not limited to one form of art; participants are free to express themselves in poems, songs, paintings, acting or whichever way they like. As for the mini talks, a 10-15 minute mini talk is given by participants about a topic of their choice.

The ELC staff that helped organize the first IELTS competition are Alaa Salem ,Abd ElhameedTameem, Asmaa Yousry, Nada Mehanna, Asma Zaher and Mena Ali. For more Photos Click here