Registration rules:

Degrees are announced at the beginning of both July and December for the fall and spring semesters every year.

  1. Application forms are presented at the Admission and Registration Administration at the beginning of August, for the fall semester and the beginning of January for the spring semester.
  2. The student is admitted after the approval of the Faculty Council as suggested by the scientific board of the department and then meets the academic advisor during the registration week.
  3. Registration takes place at the faculty.


General Admission and Registration Rules:

First : Registration for the Master’s Program

  1. Holders of bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences – minimum general grade Good (C+), or the equivalent of this grade from one of the universities recognized by the Supreme Council in the field of specialty, or from an equivalent foreign university.
  2. In case the applicant is granted a Pass in his bachelor’s degree and wants to register for a master’s degree, he must obtain a specialty diploma with general grade (C +) at least, or pass the complementary courses determined by the department, with a general grade no less than (C +) and these courses are not part of the hours of the program.
  3. The student gets the approval of the department council if he fulfills the terms set by the scientific department (if any) and then the approval of the faculty’s Council.
  4. Study System
    To obtain a master’s degree, 30 credit hours must be studied, in addition to 8 credit hours for the thesis, so that the total number of hours to obtain the degree is no less than 38 credit hours.

Second : Registration Rules for the Diploma program in Hospital Pharmacy

A bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences from a university accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities or from an equivalent foreign university.

Study system:

For Specialty Diploma, the student must study 24 credit hours, including two credit hours as an intern in hospitals, and a symposium, in addition to 2 credit hours for the research project.


Required documents:

  1. Application Form
  2. A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.
  3. A detailed transcript containing the studied courses and grades obtained while studying for the bachelor’s or post-graduate studies.
  4. Birth certificate or a stamped copy.
  5. A copy of the ID.
  6. Military status for males, whether completion, final exemption or temporary exemption (valid for at least one year that starts at the beginning of the academic year).
  7. The approval of the employer that allows the student to be free at least 2 days per week to study full-time, to be renewed annually throughout study years.
  8. An avowal by the student that he is not registered in any postgraduate program, either in the same faculty or any other faculty in the universities or higher institutes in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  9. An avowal by the student that he has never enrolled to obtain the same degree, if he did so, reasons for dropping out of course before obtaining the degree should be given.
  10. Four recent photos of the student.
  11. Voucher of tuition fees payment.


For further information:

Contact telephone number: 01122766984