In the framework of the endeavours made by Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) to establish closer academic links with educational institutes in the Arab World and Africa, Pharos University welcomes international students from all over the world who aspire to enroll at PUA different faculties whether for undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

Supporting international students in all fields and helping them to overcome the difficulties that they may encounter during their academic study at the university. Pharos University also provides international students with all the needed information about study programs at PUA faculties as well as the admission requirements. This is in order to enhance the university’s competitiveness at the local, regional and international levels.

Pharos University pays a special attention to the international students who apply at PUA faculties, believing in the importance of cultural exchange and opening channels of communication between different nations. This in turn could effectively contribute to accomplishing the university’s academic, scientific and cultural missions as well as the fields of community service and environmental development.

  1. The international students’ system shall bring benefits to the national development, on the research, educational, economic and political levels.
  2. Promoting means of cooperation and open channels of communication with cultural offices of different countries inside and outside Egypt to attract international students from all over the world.
  3. Working on developing Pharos University in order to enhance the university’s competitiveness at the local, regional and international levels; an aspect that will increase the numbers of international students from different countries for undergraduate or postgraduate studies.
  4. Developing several new and advanced techniques for attracting large numbers of international students, mainly targeting Arab, African and European countries. These techniques could be summarized in the following points:
    • A. Studying the provision of some facilities for embassies and cultural offices of different countries to support and strengthen bilateral relations between Pharos University in Alexandria and these authorities inside and outside Egypt.
    • B. Activation of the students and academic staff exchange programs as well as concluding conventions between Pharos University and other Arab, African and European universities.
    • C. Providing advanced study programs designed according to the latest scientific methods applied in the developed countries. These is held in accordance with academic accreditation standards and quality assurance systems.
    • D. Complying with the code of ethics that stipulates principles of discipline, belonging, determination, commitment and distinction.
    • E. Adopting the National Academic Reference Standards (NARS) issued by the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation for postgraduate studies in terms of programs description.
    • F. Measuring the students’ satisfaction.
    • G. Granting the university degree in different majors for the dual-certificate programs.
    • H. Endeavoring to obtain equivalence of the certificates granted by PUA faculties in different majors.
  1. Providing a database about cultural offices and offices affiliated with embassies which are concerned with academic affairs inside and outside Egypt.
  2. Maintaining contact with embassies, cultural offices and offices affiliated with embassies which are concerned with academic affairs inside and outside Egypt to activate academic cooperation with different countries.
  3. Exchanging visits with offices affiliated with embassies concerned with academic affairs, embassies and other educational institutions in Arab, African and European countries in order to strengthen cooperation between the university and these institutions.
  4. Providing data on the different academic programs offered by the university in Arabic or English.
  5. Providing data about the admission and registration requirements in the university.
  6. Contacting other departments in the university to ease the procedures of receiving the international students’ documents, obtaining final acceptance from the university and the Ministry of Higher Education as well as issuance of degree certificates.
  7. Affording distinctive rented accommodation for international students which are properly equipped with to ensure all means of livelihood and comfort.
  8. Following up the academic level of international students periodically and keep a count of their study problems and work on solving them.
  9. Coordination between the university and authorities in concern in the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt.
  10. Assigning a delegate from Pharos University to terminate the legal residence procedures in Egypt by the Egyptian Passports, Immigration and Nationality Administration.
  11. Providing the university with the account number to transfer tuition fees from any country in the world, directly to the university account.

International students who have already enrolled for Pharos University are from the following countries:

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