KTH’s Workshop

Within the framework of the joint cooperation agreement between Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) and the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden (KTH), the Architectural Engineering Department organized a joint workshop between postgraduate students of both PUA and KTH. The workshop took place in PUA’s campus in Alexandria, and was completed through student groups.

Further, in compliance with the Egyptian Presidential directives urging the linking of the State’s national projects with scientific research, achieve optimal utilization, and cooperation between academic and educational institutions, as well as all national sectors, PUA’s Faculty of Engineering, represented by the Architectural Engineering Department, proposed the workshop’s projects that can contribute to the development of Rashid City. As well as registering the City’s landmarks in the World Heritage Lists, in cooperation with an international university (KTH). This aims to achieve best results that can be shared with government authorities such as the National Organization for Urban Harmony (NOUH), and achieve optimal benefit of the proposed ideas.

Rashid was chosen for its significance; as it comes as the second city, after Cairo, that still retaining its architectural character. It is rich in its existing Islamic monuments dating back to the Ottoman era varying between residential, religious, military, and social service facilities. These monuments were rebuilt during the Ottoman era, while nothing remains of the Mamluk monuments except the outer walls and castles.

Moreover, this workshop aims to exchange academic experiences between the two universities and NOUH. Indulge students in different academic and practical values through the workshop outcomes. This came in line with the state’s directions in preserving heritage and stressing its indispensability.