Climate Conference

A high-level delegation from Pharos University participated in the "Future of Alexandria and Climate Challenges" conference held at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina on Tuesday, March 29, 2022, which was co-sponsored by Pharos University. The delegation included Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohy El-Din, President of the University, Prof. Dr. Prof. Nourhan Fanaky, Vice-President for Education and Student Affairs,... Continue Reading

Petrochemicals Engineering Department Organizes a FIFA Party

Under the auspices of the Student Activities Department, the Petrochemical Engineering Department organized a PlayStation tournament to entertain students. The tournament was honored with the presence of Dr. Fathy Shokry, Head of Student Activities, Faculty of Engineering, Eng. Dina Mohamed Sobhy, Head of Department’s Student Activities, and Eng. Karim Youssef Nabat, Assistant Lecturer, Department of... Continue Reading

Electrical Engineering Department visits Sidi Kerir Power Plant

The Electrical Engineering Department organized a scientific trip through visiting Sidi Kerir Power Plant of the West Delta Electricity Production Company (WDEPC). The visit was under the auspices of the Student Activities Department, and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Rahman, Academic Supervisor of the Electrical Engineering Department, and in the presence of... Continue Reading

Site Visit to Le Marché – Cairo International Furniture Show

The students of 9th semester at the Architectural Engineering Department, Pharos University in Alexandria made a site visit to Le Marché - Cairo international furniture show. The site visit aimed to integrate the practical and interactive education with the theoretical education within their course of EA553 Interior Design. The visit that occurred on Thursday, March... Continue Reading

The Basic Sciences Department’s Table Tennis Tournament

The Basic Sciences Department, Faculty of Engineering, PUA, under the auspices of the Student Activities Department, organized a table tennis tournament (ping pong) on Monday, March 14, 2022, with the participation of 4 teams of the Department students. Student/ Karim Mohamed Hassan came in the first place, and certificates of appreciation were distributed in the... Continue Reading

Basic Sciences Department’s Football League

In light of the keenness of the Basic Sciences Department, the Faculty of Engineering on supporting social relations, developing affinity, and interdependence among new students through various sports activities, the Department organized a football league. The league kicked off from Monday, February 28, 2022 until Monday, March 13, 2022, with the participation of 6 teams... Continue Reading

Construction Engineering and Management Department Visits (Al Sawary) Housing Project

Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Hamdy Afefy, Head of the Construction Engineering and Management Department, Faculty of Engineering, PUA, Dr. Marwa Sharkas, Professor of Building Technology Course, along with a group of teaching assistants: Eng. Ahmed Salem, Eng. Sherwit Hassan, Eng. Heba Adel, Eng. Nisrina Hazem, Eng. Fayrouz Al-Bakatoshy, organized a field visit to... Continue Reading

Petrochemical Engineering Department Organizes an Orientation Session

The Petrochemical Engineering Department organized an orientation session for the pre-engineering students in the presence of Prof. Dr. Abbas Anwar Ezzat, Head of the Petrochemical Engineering Department, Faculty Members, Teaching Assistants, and industrial experts on Sunday, Aug 29, 2021. The session tackled the significance of the Department and its relatability to the job market, as... Continue Reading