Mission And Vision


  • Faculty of Arts and Design graduates a designer who is familiar with the needs of the society, the environment, all cultural and productive institutions and service providers.  The Faculty provides him/her the knowledge and skills which enable them to get the opportunity to work locally and internationally.
  • Provides an excellent academic environment for the students in order to increase their progressing and creativity, encourage the students to develop their innovative mental, self dependency, imagination and establish the culture of constant improvement in teaching.
  • Provides a learning experience through a scientific research and co-operation with the industry, strengthening scientific, technical, cultural links with faculties, universities and Egyptian scientific regional and foreign organizations.


  • Faculty of Arts and Design becomes the main source of innovative design, creativity and the center of consulting and services in its different disciplines.
  • Provides continual development in learning and scientific research in order to achieve the excellence in the arts and science of design, to serve labor market, community and environment.

The Faculty of Arts and Design is characterized by the following drawing rooms, laboratories and specialized technical workshops:

Specialized drawing rooms for studying still and life drawing – drawing rooms for different fields – Photography lab and studio – Computer labs for programs and different fields of specialization – Printing workshop – porcelain oven – mural painting workshop – Drawing Workshop  – knitting, sewing and composition on the mannequin workshop – Patrons Design Center provided with computers and an electronic drawing board – Lecture rooms equipped with the latest display modes –  a library for different artistic fields.

Career opportunities

  • Décor Department
    • Interior designer for Residential – Commercial- Office- Tourism Buildings….
    • Interior designer in fields of Theater, Cinema and Television.
    • Designer in companies and furniture factories and in technical offices.
  • Graphic Department
    • Designer in advertising agencies.
    • Designer in the field of wrapping and packing.Mission And Vision
    • Designer of advertisement campaigns for companies and organizations.
  • Media Arts Department
    • Designer in advertising agencies.
    • Designer in Digital media arts and programs.
    • Designer in animation and video film programs.
  • Painting Department
    • Designer and artist in the field of drawing and painting.
    • Designer and artist in the field of mural painting.
  • Fashion design Department
    • Designer in garment manufacturing companies (Women – Men – children).
    • Designer following the international fashion trends.
    • Working in Production lines – Quality – Marketing.
    • Designing and producing evening fashion wear, theater and cinema costumes.